FUT Hair Transplant in Ahmedabad

In FUT system, a portion of scalp is curtailed of the head and is cut up into individual grafts. These grafts are then transplanted to balding areas

Why get hair transplantation by FUT method?

De-merits of FUT

People who should opt for FUT?


Results of FUT Hair Transplant is visible after 8-9 months

Why ADORN is considered best centre for FUT hair transplant in GUJARAT:

  • With excellent Plastic Surgical skills of Dr Amin scar of FUT done at ADORN is almost invisible
  • There are vary few "Plastic Surgeons " who runs Dedicated Hair Transplant centre in Gujarat
  • With years of experience and hundreds of happy clients having unmatched results ADORN is considered one of the best destination even for foreigners who consider their hair transplant in India
  • Know the Cost for FUTHair Transplant Ahmedabad Gujarat

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