FUT vs FUE Hair Transplant Comparison


  • Strip procedure followed in FUT leaves a linear scar on donor area on back of Head.
  • Strip procedure cost same or more compared to FUE method, if done by plastic surgeon.
  • Long term results are better with FUT when graft requirement is more ( Gega Sessions - 4000-5000 grfats ).
  • If one undergoes FUT procedure of hair transplantation , second session of FUT transplant may yield better results if needed.


  • FUE does not produce linear scar but instead it leaves small tiny scars which are almost not visible.
  • An Experienced Surgeon can do 3000+ grafts by FUE Method from scalp in a day.
  • FUE gives less pain and early result compared to FUT.
  • At ADORN FUE is done with small size punches which harvest more grafts and leaves minimal scar at donor sites

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