FAQs regarding Hair Transplant Procedure

Go through the FAQs to have answer to most of your questions regarding Hair Transplant Procedure

How much are you willing to pay to get back your identity? Your personality? Your social image? Your self-respect? Answer yourself. Hair transplant cost depends upon too many factors. A few of them are:
  • Technique you choose
  • Quality of donor hairs ( thick / thin , straight / curly )
  • Expectation ( density you need / hairline you want )
  • Special procedures for refinement
  • Number of sessions you require

Photos give rough idea about cost. We can assure you that whatever you are willing to spend is worth it. A hair transplant completes your personality and boosts self-esteem. Your self-esteem is priceless, which we can’t weigh in bills and coins.

Because a successful transplant involves accurate assessment of the quality of tissues, the use of magnification, fine instruments, "artistic SURGICAL SKILLS" , complex suture techniques and a deep understanding of the healing process.

Yes. With the precision by which a Dr Harsh Amin executes Hair Transplant makes it look natural. It will match perfectly in color, shape and direction compared to the surrounding area once they mature . Although density may very depending upon many factor which can be corrected by a small touch-up session after 6 -9 months

You can have your first gentle shower 48 to 72 hours after your surgery, but at ADORN we usually tell our patient to take shower directly on recipient areas after 10 days. As part of post-surgery care, we will provide written instructions on how to do this.

Dr Harsh Amin advises all patients to start stretching and light exercise 14 days after surgery; generally, all patients are back to their normal training within two weeks.

Follicle start growing at about 4 months. Final result of Transplant is usually at about 10 months

Yes it keeps thickening till 8-9 months. Final result is at around 10-12 months. These Hairs Regrow even if you shave them.

Virtually all transplanted follicles lasts for a lifetime, so your new follicle will be with you until the end. The transplanted hairs are naturally resistant to the process that made your original follicle fall out, so it is very rare for the follicle to fall out again but result is dependent to a great extent on ones lifestyle too. So with proper HAIR CARE one can get great transplant results .

Factually speaking apart from few pain killers and antibiotics, nothing is supposed to be taken after one week to 10 days time for transplanted follicles. But to prevent further hair loss from non transplanted area treatment may be required or else you might loose some hairs from Non-transplant area .

Most people are surprised at how little pain there is during a hair transplant procedure today. Some discomfort is to be expected as the Anesthetic is injected into the scalp. Once the skin is Anesthetised, there is no pain. If the numbing medicine wears off during the course of the procedure, more is injected to Re-Anesthetise the area.

Hair transplant is only skin deep, thus no need to worry about it. At ADORN Cosmetic Clinic Ahmedabad our concern is to give best results with utmost safety , so we do all procedures in operation Theatre which is fully equipped in contrast to other HAIR CLINICS IN INDIA. And all surgeries are done under guidance of Dr Harsh Amin ( Plastic Surgeon ).

This is an absolute myth which has been put forward. There is no such association with hair transplant. There might be mild pain in the donor and recipient area For few days to few weeks, but otherwise there is no chance of having chronic or permanent pain or headache. With FUE technique chances of post transplant headaches are almost nil.

In FUT Hair Transplant there is slightly more bleeding as compared to FUE Hair Transplant but the bleeding is in the range of around 10-20 ml of blood in the entire procedure, which is even less than a minor surgery.

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